International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences
ISSN: 2319-7706 Volume 2 Number 6 (2013) pp. 153-161
Isolation and charecterization of Glucose Oxidase (GOD) from Aspergillus flavus and Penicillium sp.
Shweta V. Bhat, B.R. Swathi, Maria Rosy and M. Govindappa*
Department of Biotechnology, Shridevi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sira Road, Tumkur-572 106, Karnataka, India *Corresponding author e-mail:
The present investigation was aimed to isolate soil and endophytic fungi from various sources and GOD production from them was studied. Glucose oxidase is FAD dependent glycoprotein catalysing the oxidation of -D-glucose to glucono-1, 5- lactone. It means they reduce the glucose level in blood as well as it can be used as glucose detector. Totally, two soil Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger and two endophytes Penicillium sp, and Fusarium sp were isolated. They were mass cultured on potato dextrose broth media. All four fungal species were subjected to titration method and Diastrix method for identification of GOD activity. Aspergillus flavus and Penicillium sp showed high GOD activity compared to Aspergillus niger and Fusarium sp. Enzyme activity assay was carried out by spectrophotometric method for Aspergillus flavus and Penicillium sp, which showed the highest presence of GOD enzyme. The maximum precipitation occurred at 10% saturation from Penicillium species and 20% saturation from Aspergillus flavus species and it was subjected to protein estimation by Lowry s method. Ammonium sulphate fractionation was done for the precipitation of crude extracellular GOD. The maximum precipitation occurred at 20% giving 36.94% with enzyme recovery of 99.8 from Aspergillus flavus and 36.54% with enzyme recovery of 99.6 from Penicillium sp. at 10%. The other two fungal species showed less recovery of protein and less glucose oxidase activity.
Glucose oxidase; Aspergillus flavus; Penicillium sp.; characterisation; partial purification