International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences
ISSN: 2319-7706 Volume 2 Number 6 (2013) pp. 137-145
Coupled ozonation with aerobic sequential batch reactor for treatment of distillery wastewater
A.Vimala Ebenezer1 , P.Arulazhagan2 , J.Rajesh Banu1 , S.Adish Kumar1*
1Department of Civil Engineering, Regional Centre of Anna University, Tirunelveli 627007, Tamil Nadu, India 2Centre of Excellence in Environmental Studies, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia *Corresponding author e-mail:
The present study details the treatment of distillery spent wash by ozonation followed by aerobic treatment in a sequential batch reactor. Ozonation was carried out in different stages by varying flow rate, contact time, addition of H2O2 and addition of Fenton's reagent. The ozonation at flow rate of 0.015 m 3 /min and contact time of 1 h followed by reaction with Fenton's reagent for 1 h achieved 81% and 75% removal of colour and COD. This effluent from ozonation is carried over to sequential batch reactor which gave a removal efficiency of colour and COD at overall 90% and 88% respectively. Treatment of distillery spent wash with aerobic sequential batch reactor alone achieved only 13% COD removal.
Distillery; spent wash; ozonation; wastewater; Advanced oxidation process (AOPs).