International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences
ISSN: 2319-7706 Volume 2 Number 10 (2013) pp. 262-267
Knowledge and practice of Biomedical Waste (BMW) Management among the medical practitioners of Kanchipuram Town, India
Kokila Selvaraj, P.Sivaprakasam, B.T.Sudhir Ben Nelson, G.H.Midhun Kumar*, Prasan Norman and K.R.Pandiyan
Department of Community Medicine, Meenakshi Medical College & Research Institute, Enathur, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu- 631552, India
Bio medical waste, in addition to the risk for patients and medical personnel, also poses a threat to public health and environment. To assess the existing Knowledge and Practice of BMW among the general practitioners in Kanchipuram town, a Descriptive Cross sectional study was conducted using pre-tested structured questionnaire. The study showed that 70% of the practitioners have not undergone any orientation / training in BMW management. Though most (98%) felt that BMW should be segregated, 36.2% of them were still dumping it with general waste. Knowledge about the correct method of BMW management was insufficient. In our study 61% don t know what ultimately happens to the BMW. There is need for programs that not only impart knowledge to the Doctors but also motivate them to actively practice, proper bio-medical waste management.
Biomedical Waste; knowledge; Practice; Medical Practitioners; general waste.